It was November 2011 when Taste of Runway entered the world of the web. Since then, many things have happened… I have created unforgettable projects, I have had great experiences, and I have become a teacher of fashion blogging at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. With Taste of Runway I gave free rein to my creativity, and I am very proud. I am proud of having created something truly unique in a web increasingly homogeneous and devoid of content. This is something that I wish to myself, but also to you: we must believe in our dreams; there are no greater limits than those we create ourselves. We must always have the courage to take new roads, even if they are uneven and uphill, but our strength is within us and cannot wait to explode! A special thank goes to my mother, who always believed that I would make it. And a huge thank goes to all of you readers, who have always followed me with great affection and who, together with me, have turned Taste of Runway in a reference platform in 70 countries worldwide. On the new web page, you will find several sections, some already known and others completely new.

FASHION: recipes inspired by fashion show outfits;

FOOD: recipes divided into categories;

DRINKS: a selection of the best cocktails in collaboration with the greatest barmen in Milan;

LIFESTYLE: tips and suggestions to deal with everyday life with elegance and style, but also suggestions on gifts to make, and all the news from the home and table design’s world;

PEOPLE: recipes inspired by the look of real people invited directly into the living room of Taste of Runway;

STORIES: wonderful experiences to share with you;

I hope you like the new look of Taste of Runway. Enjoy your reading! Love, Anna.

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