During the Design Week, Milan shows the best of itself. It becomes a more pleasant city, open to the world, inviting and lively. You can feel such a sparkling energy that it is impossible to resist and not be involved. Because, as the italian actress Mariangela Melato used to say, “Milan is a bit like me: not obviously beautiful, but really beautiful.” And indeed, this city does not involve you with its magnificent exuberance because it is different, it is very discreet, elegant and waiting to be discovered. And indeed, my Design Week began with a nice discovery regarding Miele, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium household appliances, famous for its quality and efficiency. The Invisible Kitchen is the project that bears its signature, and will be held up to 17 April at Spazio Emporio 31, via Tortona 31. Imagine a pretty dark space and a large transparent ring above your head. It is not a spaceship, although it kind of looks like it, but an invisible kitchen that will project you into the future, perhaps not too far from now. In The Invisible Kitchen no household appliance exists physically, but its presence is just suggested, and you will be immersed in a total experience that begins from the creation of a dish. If the kitchen of the future is like this, I want to get on board immediately. And you know why? When you miss something in your kitchen, you will be warned by a super intelligent device that will allow you to buy what you need with just a click, thus avoiding the stress of finding yourself without almond flour when you need it. After deciding what recipe to prepare, you will be guided step by step so that even the worst cook won’t have any excuses to refuse to prepare a meal. Can you imagine yourself to be able to prepare dishes by simply pressing a button? Or to avoid waste and be able to cook in a much healthier way? The invisible kitchen is a fusion of futuristic design, hi-tech innovations, insights and a pinch of audacity. I do not know yet if this kitchen cleans itself after use or disappears and magically reappears untouched, I just know that The future of cooking is cooking with Miele.

the invisible kitchen miele


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