They are colorful, carefree and cheerful. In the enchanted world of Cristel Carrisi there are palm trees, white sandy beaches, sun, sunsets and many exotic touches. Her designer adventure began in 2011 when she decided to found “CrisBerry Swimwear“, the bikini brand which gave birth to the movement “The CrisBerry girl” (check the hashtag #crisberrygirl on instagram). If you are looking for the perfect bikini for your summer, do not miss all the best sellers of the collection and take advantage of the current sales by visiting the e-commerce website. Put a touch of color and good mood in your suitcase and a cool recipe to prepare in a few minutes. As Albano and Romina say, happiness is in the little things and Cristel is the proof of this philosophy of life. Crystalline eyes, a charming smile and a sweetness full of femininity, she entered the living room of Taste of Runway with many fun stories to tell, lots of hidden dreams (including her marriage, which she will celebrate in September in Lecce) and an endless dose of irony that is also expressed in the names of the collections: Born Bananas, California Girl, Outer Space, Calypso. All we have to do is wear her bikinis and jump into the summer, hoping that it will be unique, fun and wonderful!

insalata estiva

Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

goat cheese + 2 peaches + 1 orange + zest of 1 lime + fresh mint +  dried sour cherry + pear compote.

Wash the peaches and cut them into thin slices. Peel the orange and cut it into slices. Place the goat cheese into the plate, add the peaches, oranges, dried cherries, zest of lime and fresh mint. Season with a little extra virgin olive oil and serve with pear compote.

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cristel carrisi crisberry swimwear

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