“And suddenly, to discover a hidden inlet of olive and chestnut trees.  A little village, Portofino stretches like a crescent around this peaceful basin. We slowly cross the narrow passage that connects the sea to this magnificent natural port, and we head towards the amphitheatre of houses, surrounded by a forest of an imposing and fresh green, which is all reflected in the mirror of the tranquil waters, where a few fishing boats appear to sleep.” 1889 Guy de Maupassant

Just a week ago, my eyes were immersed in the beauty of Portofino, thanks to Veuve Clicquot who organized a wonderful experience. I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to move there in the months when the sun makes everything perfect. I would pack my suitcase with some books, my camera, a piano to play at every sunset, a straw hat, and some striped shirts. There I would surely find silence, stillness, the wonder of nature and the right company. Every morning could begin with Italian croissants filled with jam and a cappuccino with a dense foam; lunches would take place under the shade of an olive tree, and the afternoons would be cheered by champagne. And I could not wish anything but Veuve Cliquot Rich, the new creation of the Maison. It is a champagne to be drunk with five ice cubes and adding some fresh ingredients. If I needed a lot of sweetness, I would prepare it with slices of pineapple or a large pink grapefruit zest. If I needed to cool down, I would use a celery stalk, some slices of cucumber or pepper strips. But if I wanted to impress someone, I would have not doubt and I would prepare a Rich with bergamot tea to enhance the floral notes of champagne. Today I want to share with you the pictures of my experience in Portofino and the valuable recipes that the Maison Veuve Clicquot has prepared. Cheers!













Credits pic n.4 and n.10: Lyle Roblin.

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