Once upon a time..

there was a puffed rice cake that dived into some caramel, creating a dessert with a great consistency and an interesting aspect. This recipe is strictly to be consumed with a pinch of happiness and a lot of curiosity. Who would have thought that a delicate, anonymous and diet puffed rice cake could become the highest-calorie dessert of all? “Never trust appearances!” as my grandma always says.



150g (5.3 oz) chopped puffed rice cakes  + 1 milk chocolate bar (about 130g/4.5 oz) + 100g (3.5 oz) butter + *caramel.

*RECIPE FOR THE CARAMEL. 400g (14 oz) sugar, 200ml (6.7 fl oz) water, 1 sachet vanilla sugar.

In a thick-bottomed large saucepan heat 400g (14 oz) of sugar over low heat to avoid burning it. In another saucepan, boil 200ml (6.7 fl oz) of water and add the vanilla sugar. When the sugar has caramelized (i.e. taken a brownish color), add the boiling water and stir quickly. At the same time, in another saucepan, melt the butter and the milk chocolate. Mix well and add it to the caramel mixture. Transfer everything in a clean bowl and then add the puffed rice cakes, which you have previously chopped. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Transfer it to another clean bowl or use many small molds as I did. Let cool in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

Photo Food: Taste of Runway. Photo fashion show: Marcus Tondo / image courtesy of Model: Samantha Gradoville.

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