The finger bowl is fantastic!

The finger bowl has become fashionable again and I am really happy about that. When your menu involves using your fingers to eat (asparagus, shellfish, seafood, Jewish-style artichokes), just follow my advice: heat up a little water and pour it in as many cups as the number of your guests, add a few drops of rose water and fresh petals. This detail will make your guests feel special and pampered. The finger bowl is brought to the table (on a saucer if you prefer) when needed and should be put on the left of the guest, who will use it for rinsing his fingers.

To avoid having to dry them on the napkin, you can be even more chic by bringing to the table small linen or cotton towels, always white. Remember, white is never wrong! If your guests are a little clumsy, don’t worry: they will have plenty of time to change their attitude and become more refined, because this gesture is the best you could wish for. Let’s say “stop” to the industrial lemon-scented refreshing towels dipped in detergent that are served at the restaurants.

At home everything will be different…

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