Some time ago I told you about a very special invitation to extend to your friends. I’m talking about the ceremony of tea, an unbelievable gesture of elegance and sophistication to share with someone. How should you serve tea? When should you serve it, but above all, how should you prepare it? If you do not remember all the rules to follow to do (as always) your best, you can read the post here. Today I’ll tell you about iced tea, perfect to prepare at home to keep you cool on the hottest days. Take a nice, wide and transparent glass jug. In a teapot prepare a strong tea (about a half teaspoon of leaves per person) and leave to infuse for at least five minutes. Then pour it into the jug, filtering it through a sieve and add some brown sugar if you wish. Add the peaches cut into wedges, with the peel, and let stand in refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Accommodate your guests in the living room and take the jug to the table as it is. Serve in large glasses with lots of ice and you will taste all the flavour of home-made tea.

Enjoy your tea!



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