Tommy Hilfiger Water

The hot weather has come and the desire to spend time cooking has gone away. “Great!, I think, since it is my job. So I just have to turn the kitchen into a cold room sponsored by my air conditioner and continue to cook with love. The great thing about summer is that there are a few little things that change our habits, for example, I realize that summer has come by looking at my bed (because I make just half of it). Let me explain, since my mother reads all my posts and I don’t want her to believe that her daughter, who she has trained so hard, now is disrespectful to her house ^ ^. “Mom: I did not mean I don’t make my bed in summer, but only that I let bed linen folded in half rather than fix them perfectly.” Then there are some people who eat in plastic plates because they don’t want to wash real ones (but how do they do that?) or who choose to eat ready-made food, that you can find in the supermarket, because with such a hot weather nobody likes to cook.  There are also people who prefer to drink water of the Mayor (i.e. tap water) so as not to sweat loading and unloading crates of water. I don’t like Milan hot weather, but I think I could only drink tap water if the source was not too far from my house (I would like to avoid accumulating limescale in my body). I also know people who invite you to dinner, and offer you tap water to drink, otherwise the day after they would find themselves with no mineral water. Have I asked you to invite me for dinner? If you really want to give me tap water to drink, at least avoid filling the empty bottle in front of my eyes, be more creative and prepare some jugs previously filled with water and fruits and put them in the fridge. This way the flavor will be much more delicate and I could even think that if you went that far, it must be Evian water poured into a flavored jug.


Recipe. FOR 1 CARAFE

1 Lemon + 1 orange + blueberries + raspberries

Take some fresh fruit you like. To obtain a Tommy Hilfiger effect, I chose a Sicilian lemon, an orange, blackberries and raspberries. Wash the fruit, put it into the jug and fill with water (still or with gas, as you prefer) and a few cubes of ice. From now on, your water will taste different!

Photo Food: Taste of Runway. Photo fashion show:  Yannis Vlamos / image courtesy of Model: Karmen Pedaru.

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