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It all started a few months ago and today I can finally present to you something that makes me very proud. “The Washing Diary” is a project that I created for Miele, a diary to discover the iconic garments that have made the history of fashion and tradition, those that we still keep jealously in our closet and that I’ve worn (with a lot of pleasure) to show you. Because every garment is a memory, a gift, something to which we are emotionally attached and that we want to treat with the utmost care. I played a game. I opened my closet and I counted all the white shirts I have. There are really many of them the mere fact of seeing and smelling them make me happy. I pulled one out, I wore it and I posed almost like a real model. The history of this iconic garment is very interesting and full of charm. It is considered to be a symbol of wealth, since it was worn by those who didn’t work, so they couldn’t stain its whiteness. In the 40s, it became a trend thanks to great movie stars, such as Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Audrey Hepburn. Refined and elegant, a symbol of a happy lifestyle such as in the movie “Roman holiday”, it gave women an almost divine look.

Audrey-Hepburn-white-shirt-taste-of-runwayBut as the history of fashion teaches us, new trends suddenly emerge: there came the 60s, with Twiggy, and then the 70s, with Patti Smith, which turned it into an androgen garment, a symbol of a new style and female power. Conversely, the 80s turned it into a sensual and erotic garment, especially if women wore an over-sized shirt taken directly from a man’s closet. 

Patty-Smith-white-shirt-taste-of-runwayAs, for instance, Kim Basinger in “9½ Weeks”.  Or Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. 

Kim-Basinger-white-shirtIn the 90s, it became a symbol of intellectual minimalism, with designers willing to simplify the lines, the cuts and the materials. After all these years, people don’t seem to get tired of wearing a white shirt. It fits all situations and it is a must have in both men and women’s closets. Cotton, with all its softness, is a fabric that catches much dirt and therefore requires a rather vigorous washing program. However, not all cotton garments are the same! The shirt is a delicate garment and therefore requires a different treatment than other cotton garments, in order to maintain its original whiteness. As in life, there are several problems to solve concerning shirts. Think about the annoying creases that are almost impossible to eliminate, or your cuffs and collars turning grey, erasing from view all the charm you have hard-earned over the years, or the removal of the most dreaded stains. You are afraid of those stains precisely because they could ruin some magic moments. Imagine you are having dinner with your date, one of those dinners with a capital D, where everything is just perfect. The table is private enough, the candles create that see-through effect (it is always better not to see things clearly at the beginning. I bet it is because of bright lights that relationships change…) and you feel so excited that something happens that you would have never wanted to happen. Sorry, now you’ve spilled a glass of red wine on your shirt, which if dinner was at your house would be a great excuse to take it off, but I remind you that luck often turns away on these particular occasions and there’s nothing you can do but stay where you are and nonchalantly turn a blind eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re dying inside of embarrassment, try to maintain self-control and be the first-class version of yourself. This basically means: do not pre-treat the stain with mineral water, do not ask for a stain remover to the waiter or improvise a grandmother’s remedy. You will take care of that small red ruby detail, with notes of red fruits, pineapple and juniper berries once you get home. Miele washing machines are equipped with the “stain option” that allows you, by pressing a simple button, to target a wine, lipstick or coffee stain, so that you automatically activate a specific washing program and you’ll have plenty of time to think about your after-dinner evening. And perhaps your date’s shirt will end up in the washing machine, too. Operate the delicate program, otherwise he will tell you that his Mom washes it better, select the Sensitive washing profile to reduce those wrinkles where usually feelings get stuck and, for easier ironing, use the steam function that stretches the fibers exactly like you would like someone to do with your nerves on one of your worst days. To get excellent washing results, shirts should be washed at 40° using a washing powder. Miele suggests Ultrawhite containing among other components optical brighteners and active oxygens. Its composition makes it effective also for pre-treating particularly tough stains and it is therefore also particularly effective at low temperatures and in case of danger. Which means that if you have stained yourself, you can finally say goodbye to the stain and recover from the shock after having fainted. Remember that the sentence “the more, the better” works well with many things, but not with detergent. In fact, too much detergent affects the quality of the washing and also generates a lot of waste of water and energy. What is the right dose of detergent then? With TwinDos by Miele you don’t have to worry, because your washing machine will dispense the right amount and composition of liquid detergent for each wash load, to achieve the best wash results without any waste, not even of your time because all you have to do is press a button. Basically we just have to care about going shopping, drinking coffee, buying flowers at the market, throwing ourselves on the couch right after putting on a shirt, and so on and so forth. Miele will take care of all the rest.

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