The-washing-diary-pigiama-in-setaIf Marilyn Monroe wore nothing but a few drops of Chanel No. 5 to bed, for me that I wear a pajamas sleeping is a true pleasure. There are women who love wearing sexy lingerie (even though when they are alone they don’t), those who like wearing oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, those who wear undergarments, and those who prefer the pajama, which has different sub-categories. There is the fleece pajamas, that is horrible (definitely comfortable, but for God’s sake), and then there is the men’s style pajamas, a little less comfortable, but sexy and elegant. Those who like this model are so convinced that they wear it even out of bed, and in some case even out of the house. The trend of recent years has seen many women dressed in clothes inspired by the lines of men’s style pajamas, so inspired to look like real pajamas (I swear, some of them were actually pajamas). But it is no coincidence, because history teaches us that someone did it before us many, many years before.

Pajamas was invented in the Ottoman Empire when people wore wide trousers tied at the waist with a belt and covered with a long tunic to the knees. This type of clothing arrived in the Western world around 1870 thanks to the British colonists who returned from their “missions” by wearing those exotic garments. At the beginning of the 20th century, men used to wear nightgowns. I bet now you are trying to imagine your boyfriend, father or brother wearing it. Well you have the right to make a big, big laugh!  Fortunately, over the centuries, this trend has disappeared, giving way to the pajamas as we understand it today. The market offered models in cotton, flannel or silk for men, while women could choose between a lot more colorful patterns in rayon or silk. But the real revolution came in 1943, thanks to the movies, when a wonderful Claudette Colbert wore a man’s pajamas in “It Happened One Night”.

Pajama-Claudette-Colbert-FilmSuddenly the trend caught on, and women began to wear men’s models. Later on, a fashion designer with futurist and feminist vision as Chanel decided to take advantage of the opportunity to create haute couture versions in bright and soft fabrics, in order to spread even more the use of this garment also among women. Te men’s pajamas worn out of the bed was initially considered provocative and only suitable to the star system or courtesans. Yet, because women are brave, some began to wear it on the beach, creating beach pajamas that anticipated the evening pajamas, which reached its most extreme success in 1930 and then came back into fashion in the ’60s as palazzo pajamas, to be worn instead of elegant clothes. Personalities such as Marlene Dietrich, Isadora Duncan, Zelda Fitzgerald, Luisa Casati and Catherine Deneuve were madly in love with silk pajamas and wore it on many occasions in life.

Pajama-Deneuve Pajamas-diveNowadays, this garment continues to appear on the runways and offers minimalist and timeless elegance. There are classic patterns such as polka dots and stripes, or more avant-garde patterns, such as stylized flowers, abstract objects or animal inspirations. Pajamas went through the ages coming to our days full of history and sensuality, and it sure won’t be a wrong washing cycle to ruin it. That’s why Miele has created a special program with a washing process that respects the characteristics of silk. The secret lies in the innovative honeycomb drum, which thanks to a structure of convex hexagons creates a thin film of water, with the aim of reducing the friction between the laundry and the drum. Even using the right detergent is very important to keep your look perfect. In this case, Miele recommends the liquid detergent WoolCare, developed in the laboratory and also ideal for wool and any other delicate garment, also available in convenient single-use caps. And don’t be afraid to tumble dry silk, because thanks to the Miele Treatment Silk program, your clothes will be dried gently to prevent the formation of creases. Feel free to wear wonderful pajamas, in and out of bed, to sit on the sofa and drink endless cups of hot coffee, gossiping here and there with your friends and inspiring jealousy in some of your enemies. For example, you could brag about your freshly laundered look, your household appliances that simplify you life, or about the perfectly round donut you have baked, or about the fact that your bread with jam never falls on the jam side, but if it did, you would know how to remove the stain.

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