When I attended my first university, on my graduation day they asked me to speak about “brand metonymy”. Fortunately, I had that concept clear in mind, and I can explain it to you in a few words. It is the process by which you call a product with the brand name to refer to the general product type. I’m talikng about all those cases in which the brand name is so strong that it groups the entire category. For example, when we say “Can you pass me a Kleenex?” Actually we should say: “Can you pass me a paper tissue?”

The same thing happens for the K-Way, an essential garment in everybody’s closet, whose name stands for a large category of jackets and and raincoats. What is the story behind the K-Way? Let’s go back to 1965, and precisely to an awful windy and rainy day, when a man named Leon Claude Duhamel, sitting in a café in Paris, was watching people getting wet and cold on the street. Suddenly, he saw a lady who was protecting herself with nylon, and a light bulb went on over his head. He decided to create something that would protect people from the rain, but without being bulky as an umbrella. And a bit of luck mixed with the right intuition led him to the invention of the famous K-Way. First used for its convenience, now it has become a real style icon, which does not only serve the purpose of preventing people from getting wet, but also gives them a casual style. Waterproof and breathable, the K-Way brand has quickly become an icon word known worldwide and used to indicate the type of product, a perfect example of brand metonymy! These type of garment are made with special nylon that can be folded many times to become as small as a pocket, an ideal place to pack it. They are durable, waterproof and perfect  allies to protect us from bad weather. However, these are clothes that need special care. Miele suggests a specific washing program and detergent for outdoor clothing, suitable for fabrics with breathable membrane on the inside and waterproof membrane on the outside. Every 4/5 washes, a waterproofing treatment is recommended  to recreate the waterproof film on the garment and make it as good as new. Are you wondering how? It’s really easy! After washing your k-way,  put it back in the washing machine without drying it, by adding waterproofing detergent instead of the normal one.  After washing, it must be placed in the dryer. This way the drying heat fixes the product on the fabric and makes it truly waterproof up to the four following washes. And remember to always close the zip before any washing: your washing machine, the zip itself and your clothing will thank you!

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