Well, after 31 years of inactivity, I said goodbye to my life as a non-athlete by signing up at the gym. After a tragic start, I must admit that now I begin to be satisfied with my non-performance and the results are good (still very little, though). Between squats, abs and push-ups, I’ve become obsessed with jogging outfits. The fashion industry knows very well how to strike the fragile heart of a woman like me, making my eyes shine in front of outfits that promise to make me feel like Steel Jeeg (it doesn’t really matter if steel is somewhere else). A swirl of colors grouped into synthetic fibers full of passion. Very nice garments to be used not only for physical activity, but also during your leisure and relaxation time. Actually, the first sports clothes were created in the late 1920s, by a brilliant Jean Patou and an unforgettable Coco Chanel; later on, sportswear was celebrated over the years by many designers (Emilio Pucci, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger among the most important), until it became what we all know today: a selection of trendy clothing, in between sporty and haute couture. We have created a refined aesthetics for clothing that for a long time were only considered for their primary function. Floral prints, stripes, fluorescent colors, optical patterns, very little seams and impeccable jogging suits fascinate us with their perfect silhouette. Sports garments are synthetic fabrics studied in laboratories, and are made of microcapsules that are similar to the pores of our skin, favoring the transpiration during sports activities while maintaining the body temperature at an optimal level. To get the ultimate results from washing, Miele has designed a specific program for sports garments with strong mechanical action, which in combination with the right detergent, transforms our look into a floral bouquet to wear for physical activity. Remember how important it is to use the right detergent for each fabric. In this case, there is a specific one for sports garments: thanks to the presence of surfactants, it frees the microcapsules of the fabric, bringing it to its original state. Are you compulsive shoppers who like to fill up your bathroom (or laundry) with several types of detergent that you only use occasionally? Say stop! Thanks to the Capdosing system, you can buy single-dose detergent in convenient capsules: once inserted into the special compartment, they will be dispensed automatically for each washing. Sports garments can be safely dried in the Miele tumble dryers by choosing a gentle treatment or a specific synthetic or sportswear program. These programs have a rather low dryness levels that preserve the delicate breathable membranes, leaving your dry clothes with a pleasant fragrance. Even reflective coatings, which make us visible when we go jogging in the evening, will maintain their properties without being ruined. Can you believe me if I tell you that you can even put your sneakers in the tumble dryer without any risk? Thanks to a special basket, they will stay still during the drying cycle, and will be perfect in just 40 minutes. That means that we will have no more excuses not to go for a run! We just have to eat less sweets, drink more smoothies and find a personal trainer who motivates us to do physical activity (at the gym, I mean) while wearing our wonderful outfits!

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