Denim, blue canvas, jean, blue jeans. There are several names that refer to the same fabric, which has been long in use by millions of people. Created first as a working garment worn by the sailors of the port of Genoa, and then by the American miners, the official date of its birth is 1873, thanks to a very well-known person: Levi’s Strauss, who would soon become the largest producer of the famous five-pocket pants. Durable, comfortable, indigo colored denim trousers, blue jeans will start to be worn not only by workers but, after some restyling, even by ordinary people who would use them in their free time, turning them into a popular fashion item. As a symbol of freedom, romance and rebellion, the new rock & roll and movie stars started to wear them.  Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando turned them into an iconic garment.


Blue jeans have a revolutionary soul, as they suddenly broke down every social barrier, entering everyone’s closet: wealthy and less wealthy people, poets, singers, painters, housewives, girls, boys, men, women, students and princesses, like Princess Diana in London in jeans and a jacket. They became more and more fashionable, until they turned into a glamor and sexy icon. Remember the advertising campaign “Buffalo 70” for Jesus Jeans, photographed by Oliviero Toscani? It features the American actress and model Donna Jordan wearing torn denim hot pants, and it is accompanied by the slogan “He who loves me follows me”. An image that is difficult to forget. Similarly, the Calvin Klein’s scandalous commercial in the ’80s featuring a very young Brooke Shields saying “There is nothing between me and my Calvin’s.” “A word is enough to the wise”. 


Also, the Diet Coke commercial in the ’90s, where a sexy and handsome boy, wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, delivers two crates of the famous drink to an office, leaving all the secretaries out of breath. But one of my favorite pictures will always be that by Peter Lindbergh starring supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista in the middle of a road all wearing jeans. It is impossible not to notice that the same models also star in the music video “Freedom” by George Michael, where he’s wearing a pair of jeans himself! Freedom indeed, from a social as well as from a creativity point of view. Over the decades, designers have created all kinds of jeans, as well as jackets, vests, shirts, bags, bows, dresses and dungarees. Like the one I’m wearing in the photo: comfortable, funny and to which I am emotionally attached. That’s why, thanks to Miele, I take care of the garments I love more, those that evoke many emotions. Clothes have a lot to say, and I’ve learned to listen to them. In order to preserve the strength and durability of the fabric over time, you need to treat it properly. The first little tricks I’ve discovered are some simple moves: do not wash your jeans at a temperature higher than 60°C (or higher than 30°C if it is stretch denim fabric), remember to empty your pockets and close the zippers before tossing them in the washing machine. As far as the second point, I could open a chapter: it’s amazing how many things I put in my pockets without even realizing it, but the first prize goes to chewing gums, followed by Kleenex. If you don’t do what I usually do, you will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your clothes. Avoid using detergents that contain bleaching agents. Have you ever noticed discolored “stripes” on your garments after washing? To avoid this remember to always wash them inside out and use a low-speed spin. Also, if you do not want to see your laundry turn indigo-blue, remember to wash them separately the first few times, because they could bleed. For all this, Miele has developed a special program that provides for higher levels of water, special washing programs and low-speed spin profiles that protect the fabric and reduce the formation of creases. Once washed to perfection, our jeans can go into the Miele dryer, with the specific dedicated program that will leave them soft and fragrant. You don’t need to worry about anything, just wear them casually and match them with your best smile. On the way home, stop to buy some special ingredient for tonight’s dinner.

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