6 kg (21.6 oz) Tomatoes for sauce + 5 scallions + 1 chopped  stalk celery + 2 carrots + a large sprig of basil + 2 cloves of garlic + extra virgin olive oil + salt + pepper.

Wash the tomatoes thoroughly, cut in four parts and place in a large skillet with all the ingredients. Cover with a lid and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. 10 minutes before finish cooking, remove the lid (so the excess water will evaporate). Place a sieve on a clean pot and pour all the tomato mixture. Assuming that your sauce jars have already been sterilized (otherwise boil them and wash in the dishwasher at least 60°C/140°F) fill them with the sauce, close them tightly with their cover and boil them for 25 minutes in plenty of water. You can remove the jars only when the water has completely cooled (at least after 1 hour).  Keep them in a dry place and open them when you feel like it!

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