Born in Korea, Sun Young Lee has lived in Milan for eight years. She is a young businesswoman who has given birth to “Theory of Gaia”, a brand new e-commerce platform for apparel and lifestyle dedicated to women. Intrigued by her story, I asked her many questions, here are her answers.

Why did you choose Milan?

I wanted to study fashion and focus particularly on management. I thought that speaking Italian could be an advantage for me, so I decided to move to Milan, one of the most important capitals of this industry.

Tell me something about your new project.

Theory of Gaia was created in a fairly natural way. Many girls used to ask me where I bought my clothes, including my business partner, a girl from Zambia who lives in New York. I used to buy all my clothes in Korea. It was high quality clothes, but not too expensive. This is why I started my new project, that aims to propose sophisticated clothes for an affordable price.

What is your goal?

First of all, we want to be an e-commerce platform of reference for many women but also give a message of hope to all those people who believe in their dreams and do everything to achieve them. Just like you did. We also worked for a long time for other groups, even if we wanted to create something of our own. And we did it!

How do you choose the clothes?

We buy new clothes every three months. The first research is dedicated to an effortlessly chic style, that is clothing that may appear simple, and yet with a detail can become special and unique. The second research is oriented to quality and price. We are convinced that we can expect quality also without spending so much money.

Is the outfit you are wearing on sale?

Of course!

Do you like cooking?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I love to eat.

What is the dish that you cook better?

Mandu, a Korean dish. It’s a delicious ravioli and I enjoy preparing it.

And your favourite Italian dish?

I love the Sicilian cuisine, especially their raw dishes with a little spicy seasoning. Pasta alla Norma also drives me crazy!

Your biggest temptation?

Ice cream. I could eat it every day.

Will you go back to Korea?

That’s a good question…I don’t know. Lately I have been missing my country more and more because it is a very energetic country, always on the move. When I go back there, I try to capture all that euphoria and recharge myself before returning here full of enthusiasm. I love Italy, and I feel I little Italian, too.

Do you have a dream?

Not for now, I’m happy.

What zodiac sign are you? 


What colour is your soul?


I asked you to bring some object that represent you. Tell me something.

This is a candle and it is very important to me because it reminds me of a history of success and courage. It was created by a girl who decided to leave her job to fulfil a dream: creating candles. Therefore, she began her career and today she has many stores all over the world. I ordered it online and I customized it with my name.


Another Smythson red diary with my initials. I have collected red diaries for many years; I think this is my lucky colour.


A book by Salinger. He’s my favourite author and I have all of his masterpieces.


Some makeup, which can never be lacking in a woman’s purse.


My business card.


Thanks Sun, now I just have to cook you. I prepared some tender salmon fillets and green apple tartare with lime and soy sauce glaze. So good!

Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

4 salmon fillets + 2 green apples + lemon juice + pepper + soy glaze.

For the soy glaze: 100 ml (3.5 fl oz) soy sauce + 200 ml (7 fl oz) water + 4 teaspoons honey + juice of half a lemon.

Prepare the soy glaze by putting the soy sauce, water, honey and lemon juice in a saucepan. Let simmer at low heat for about 30 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Steam the salmon fillets for about 10 minutes. If the fillets are very thick, it will take a few more minutes. Meanwhile, peel and cut the green apple to prepare the tartare. Pour over a little lemon juice to keep it from becoming black and set aside. When the salmon is ready, place it in a dish. Then add the apple tartare and pour the soy glaze on top. A delicate, refined and very elegant dish that will surprise your palate.

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