“Life is a lot like jazz.. It’s best when you improvise”. George Gershwin.

You have to throw a dinner together and you are really late on your schedule? Don’t panic! Taste of Runway provides you with the sweetest solution ever: a bit of Basmati rice cooked in coconut milk, and everything will go smoothly. The most refined palates will be surprised by the lightness of these flavors!


Recipe. FOR 4/6 PEOPLE.

200 g (7 oz) Basmati rice + 120 ml (4 fl oz) coconut milk + grated coconut.

Put the rice in a container large enough and let it soak for 1 hour. Then drain it and put it in the middle of a cotton cloth. Heat the water in a pressure cooker, place the cloth with the rice inside, cover, and simmer for 8/10 minutes. Open the cloth, let cool and place the rice in a bowl. Pour the coconut milk and mix everything. If you are not so good with your hands, I recommend you use improvised molds, such as coffee cups, small jars or whatever you like. Then place the pieces on the plates and cover with the grated coconut. When they are warm, they are delicious!

Photo Food: Taste of Runway. Photo fashion show: Yannis Vlamos / image courtesy of Model: Alla Kostromichova.

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