“To invite someone to our table is to take charge of their happiness.”

If for any reasons you have decided to invite friends or acquaintances to your home, you will also be “happily aware of the fact” that you will do anything to make them feel at ease, won’t you? Good manners, care and attention to details: you cannot do without any of these things. I know people who are so flawless that I wonder what kind of Catechism program they have attended to be able to make style their religion. The surprising thing is that everything changes as soon as you cross the threshold of their house (assuming that they will invite you). You discover, for example, that they use placemats and, moreover, plastic ones that are easier to “wash”; their plates are mismatched and their glasses chipped. You don’t know how disheartening it is to discover all this, and comforting at the same time, because, as my grandmother would say, “there is always someone worse off than you.”  We say “no” to this mess, we cannot tolerate it! It happens to everyone to improvise a meal or to be in a hurry, and I raise the white flag: I have absolute respect for other people’s time. These tips are for people who want to try it, and especially for those who claim to be able to make every moment of their life flawless, starting from a special lunch. I used the beautiful “Medusa Gala” china that Versace Home has kindly put at my disposal. Your eyes will soon get used to luxurious plates, shining cutlery, unique cups and breathtaking glasses. A simple equipment for a lunch (composed by a first course, a second course and cheese), can be the following:

1. a fork for the first course (which I also call “pasta fork”, so to speak as I eat);

2. a fork for the second course;

3. an underplate (not mandatory). I always use it because it gives a beautiful touch to the table without leaving the poor plate all alone. You can wash it fast, with a damp cloth and a little cleaner. You will put it away without even noticing it;

4. a dinner plate (the one for the second course);

5. a napkin, which, depending on your taste, can be placed with or without a napkin ring to the left of the forks or on top of the plate;

6. a knife, with the sharp part always pointing toward the inside of the plate;

7. cutlery for cheese. The fork is used only for soft cheeses (such as ricotta, stracchino, goat cheese, mascarpone). Then you will probably be asking yourself “how do you eat cheese?”. Click here to discover how and when to serve it, and how to eat it;

8. a butter saucer with knife. Serving flavored butter to spread on bread is a chic way to keep your guests occupied and reduce the waiting time (and hunger). This saucer (smaller than the one you should use for bread), should be positioned in the top-left position. Remember that you should never serve butter at dinner (only at lunch), and that you shouldn’t butter the whole slice of bread, but only a small portion at a time. It’s always good to know, if you ever happen to find yourself face to face with the love of your life, in a star hotel, any morning, in front of some jam. Do you want to prepare some flavored butter that will leave everyone speechless? Click here!

9. a water glass;

10. a wine glass.

The soup plate can be brought directly to the table already full (with pasta, gnocchi, or whatever you want) and is positioned on top of the dinner plate. The cheese plate is brought to the table at the end of the lunch. And what about the tablecloth? To avoid mistakes, I recommend you use a light-colored one, preferably made of linen. It’s so natural and chic! If you do not have a set of plates as valuable as this, there are two possibilities. You either get married and make a wedding list, or use your own plates, that I’m sure will be beautiful anyway.

Do you think it’s an impossible task?



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