I am crazy.

I suffer from “crystal ware itis”, the irrepressible impulse to accumulate crystal ware. For some women shoes are never enough, for me it is the same thing for glasses. Even in a city like Milan, where the houses are so small that everything has to fit as in a puzzle (if you remove a piece, the castle falls down). Friends and family, defiantly, ask me what I do with all that stuff, and I answer, emotionless, that the day will come when I will need them all. The minimum number of glasses you should put on the table is two (one for water and one for wine), even for the most basic meals based on bread and salami, while the maximum allowed is four (water, red wine, white wine, champagne). Are there tips to follow regarding the use of glasses? Of course there are, otherwise what am I doing here? For example:

  • water should be served in the largest glasses and it must be poured before sitting down at the table;
  • red wine is served in the medium-size glass;
  • white wine is served in smaller glass;
  • if the glasses on the table are not more than two (or three), you should put them on the right of the plate, in the following order from left to right: big glass for water-, medium-size glass for red wine, a small-size glass for white wine;
  • If you have four glasses on the table (you can find this situation when setting the table for an event, for example), the water glass is put in front of the plate (in order to make room for the others), followed by the red wine glass and the champagne or dessert glass. Just like in this photo:


  • Glasses are never cleared away, but you must leave them on the table until the end. You don’t want to deprive your guests of fresh water in the middle of gossip? 
  • Also remember to avoid colored glasses, especially for wine. The best thing would be to have these “Medusa” glasses by Versace Home, if anyone ever wanted to give them to me, you know where I live.

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