Tavola delle Ricorrenze

-1 Christmas. The day is coming when  all the mothers and grandmothers will pull the most precious glasses and plates out of the cupboard, together with the cutlery that during the other days of the year they don’t let you use, the underplates that you realize having only at Christmas. Well, I thought that a brief review on the “mise en place” was almost a must. With the beautiful Versace Home china, I set the ideal table, exactly like the one I will set. It’s a formal table that can accompany you on many occasions (Christmas, New Year, baptisms, graduations) and that can make people feel a little embarrassed, but remember that being able to eat with elegance is an act of kindness that you need. “Always be a first-rate version of yourself,” actress Judy Garland advised. Imagine that your lunch is a great lunch, the kind that after it you would only go to sleep. We imagine that the women of your family have set a competition based on the number of courses. If your lunch was made of appetizer, soup, fish, meat, fruit and dessert, your table would be set like this:

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