When I was asked to carry out a project that had as its main focus a passion for something, I did not have doubts. I was able to create a job out of my two passions (fashion and cooking), so how could I miss this opportunity? Today we start from an old story, that of Don Julio Gonzales and his love for his country, which in 1942 led him, at the age of 17, to open a distillery. His goal was very clear: he wanted to create a high quality tequila in Mexico, where this distillate was considered a product of poor quality. His inner desire fuelled his dedication and finally he turned that incredible feeling into a real job, managing to produce, over the years, the best tequila in the world. A story that we could adapt to the present by changing the characters and dynamics, but taking as a basis the true passion for something in which you believe. I want to tell you another story, much more current, but still full of magic. His name is Sergio Carnevale and, at the age of 13, his parents bought him drums. It is in his garage that his love story with this instrument begins. That is Sergio: a man who turned his talent into a job, and what else could inspire me if not a cocktail made with tequila? This shot is intense like a bang on the drums, a very important instrument for Sergio, who is a professional musician with a background with Bluvertigo. He has played with Morgan for 20 years, accompanying him in all of his solo albums and following tours. His gaze is as intense as the taste of coffee, which mixed with liquorice liqueur, gives a pleasant feeling of contentment especially when your lips meet the whipped cream. Sergio entered Taste of Runway’s living room with many memories and so many stories that I cannot wait to share with you. I asked him some questions, read his answers.

Who are you and what do you do?

Sergio Carnevale, a professional musician and music designer for fashion.

What does it mean?

I dress fashion with music by carrying out consulting for many brands.

I will not ask you anything about your past, but I would like to know if you have any project in mind for the future.

There will be great news in my life; I am going to open a club in Milan’s Navigli area. It will be a meeting place for fellow musicians, almost as an extension of my house. My goal is to create a small space where it will be nice to meet up for a glass of good sparkling wine made by small producers, while listening to some interesting background music.

So there may be fellow musicians to improvise a performance art?

Why not?!

I asked you to bring some object that are particularly important to you. Tell me.

This is a picture of many years ago that portrays me with the musician and composer David Byrne. That evening was wonderful and he wrote me a beautiful dedication on his catalogue book.


My favourite record.


Misiones by Fueguia, my perfume, with notes of incense, lemon and nutmeg. The inspiration comes from a sixteenth century Jesuit church of the abandoned in the middle of the rainforest of Misiones. Nourished by the flow of water, Jerusalem amber sinks in the embrace of the majestic Iguazu Falls.


The MTV music award won with Bluvertigo in 1998. It was a memorable experience. We were there with the Spice Girls, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Massive Attack…


My Rolex, dated late ’60s and my vintage glasses.



A snare drum, from the end of the nineteen century. I am very fond of it.


Thanks Sergio for making us partakers of all your stories. Now we just have to make a toast to you, to your future projects and to your look transformed in a shot!


Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

30 ml (1fl oz) Don Julio reposado tequila + 10 ml (0.33 fl oz) coffee liqueur + 5 ml (0.16 fl oz) Ancho Reyes (Mexican chili liqueur) + 1.25 ml (0.04 fl oz) liquorice liqueur. + ice + whipped cream to top.

Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass, except the whipped cream. Mix well until cool and then pour the liquid by filtering it (in order to hold the ice). Top with the whipped cream and drink this shot savouring all its intense flavour. The cocktail should be savoured a two, three sips.

For the most refined palates, you can replace the whipped cream with a little cardamom icing sugar, by pounding three grains of cardamom and letting them soak in sugar for at least two days.

Credits: Borsalino for the hat Alessia Fagioli Galeone for styling. Flavio Angiolillo/Mag café for the cocktail.

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