“Dear Lord, if you can’t make me skinny…please make my friends fat.” Erma Bombeck (humorist)

Even if you are in a crisis for this year’s bikini challenge, going on a diet now is useless, (you should have done it a long time ago), but I can offer you a much less tiring and definitely more fun solution. Gather all the friends with whom you will spend the summer and invite them to your house every Saturday (or Sunday) morning with the excuse to spend time together. Offer them a spectacular brunch with sandwiches, piadina bread with Nutella, baked potatoes, hot toasted bread with avocado cream, American-style scrambled eggs, brownies and crepes with chocolate sauce. This way you will not lose weight for sure, but at least they will get fat. You should definitely add today’s recipe to the other delights on your table. All you need is some fresh blackberries, a few chopped almonds, Greek yogurt, a little honey, rice milk and a few leaves of mint…

Recipe. FOR 2 PEOPLE

150g (5.5 oz) fresh blackberries + 250g (9 oz) Greek yogurt + 150 ml (5 fl oz) rice milk + 2 teaspoons of white sliced (or chopped) almonds + 1 teaspoon honey + 5 chopped mint leaves.

Thoroughly clean the blackberries and chopped mint. Put everything in a blender, adding the Greek yogurt, rice milk, almonds and honey. Turn it on for 2 minutes to mix the ingredients well.  Pour into glasses and serve with a fluffy muffin!

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