Today we are going to do everything “Comme des Garçon” style. A lot of white, a touch of red and a breath of goodness. Rei Kawakubo’s fashion always merges with art, creating clothes that stand out. You can do the same by wearing something more sober, but offering your guests a delicious dessert. In this case, simplicity will reward you. I’m talking about homemade whipped cream served with lots of fresh fruit at your taste:

-strawberries, for a sexy evening;

-pineapple, for exotic people;

-grapes, for the most refined palates;

-but also papaya, mango and white melon for a different flavor.

Whipped cream might seem a banal recipe, yet everybody likes it. Maybe because in the collective imagination it is a bit erotic, or maybe it’s because our brain releases all the endorphins already at the first spoonful? There isn’t an answer to everything. Today, don’t use good manners, just follow your desires and, if you’re lucky, invite someone to dance to the tune of “You can leave your hat on.”

panna montata

Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

500 ml (17 oz) liquid cream + 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar.

Refrigerate a glass or steel bowl for at least 15 minutes to let it cool. After you pull it out, pour the liquid fresh cream, add the powdered sugar and blend with an electric mixer while constantly increasing the speed for about 6-8 minutes or until you get the consistency you like.

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