Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

For or the zucchini pesto:  2 zucchini + 1 garlic clove + 3 fresh basil leaves + 5 sprigs of thyme + salt + pepper + extra virgin olive oil. Cut two zucchini in slices and cook for 15 minutes on low heat with a clove of garlic and a little oil.  When cooked, pass the zucchini in a blender with the basil leaves and thyme.  Set the sauce aside.

For the anchovy sauce: 5 anchovy fillets in oil + fresh parsley  + extra virgin olive oil. In a non-sticking pan, melt the anchovy fillets with plenty of oil and fresh parsley. Stir for a few minutes until you get a creamy sauce. Set aside to rest. Drain the orecchiette al dente after cooking in salted water. Put them into a large pan, pour over the zucchini pesto and mix well. Serve and complete with a few drops of anchovy sauce.

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