Marta Grossi arrived with a direct flight from Hong Kong and entered the Taste of Runway’s living room full of enthusiasm, colours and many stories to tell. Graduated from the International School of Graphics in Venice, she began her career in Milan working for luxury brands in the fashion and communication fields. Little by little, she found herself on the other side of the world and it is exactly there that took place the creative inspiration that has made her so well known. What am I talking about? The project is called “Banana Graffiti, pure creativity produced with a poor, democratic and very popular material: bananas. I asked Marta many questions, read her answers.

You do not paint on sheets, white canvases or walls, but you use bananas instead. How did you get the inspiration?

It all started when I saw the price of a banana written with a marker on its peel that prompted me to write my name on bananas I brought to work to prevent the others from eating them.

And then what happened?

Suddenly I realized that, unlike a blank canvas, the surface of each banana was unique and that intrigued me. So I started painting them, dressing them in little worlds.


And so you found yourself taking pictures of your works and publish them on a dedicated instagram account with the name of @bananagraffiti.

Exactly. Since the very beginning, users got passionate about my work and the project began to spread on the web.

And it got to Italy, where it was seen by the iBlues team. How did this collaboration started?

Behind it all there is a strong chemistry between my world and the iBlues’ that led to the creation of a  funny and witty capsule collection with my works as protagonists. There are 13 perfect outfits for women who love to play with their look. We used three original artworks and a remake of the “Pink flamingo banana”, one of the most shared and loved piece by my community on instagram.



You use bananas as they were canvas through which you express your art that has a very short life cycle. Here is a question that I’m sure everyone will ask you: don’t you feel sad seeing your work wither?

With bananas, I experience the contemporary art of the moment; this is exactly the concept of the whole project.

What other message do you want to convey?

Anyone can be creative in every day’s life and especially with anything. Just look at things with different eyes and with a touch of magic.

Your creativity is contagious and I could not help but customize my banana!

It’s funny!


There is an explosion of colours in this capsule collection created with iBlues. But what is the colour of your soul?

Having studied the colour theory for a long time, I can say I am variable. Now I would say white, with a small percentage of blue. Something that reflects light.

Do you like to cook?

Yes, although I have little time.

Your favourite food?

I love savoury flavours, I go crazy for fennel and all conceivable sauces for pasta.

Without doing it on purpose, your outfit made with pink flamingo inspired me a tasty lemon pasta dish topped with toasted pine nuts, sweet bacon and pink peppercorns. Also my work of art will have a very short life cycle, we have to hurry otherwise it will get cold…


400 g (14 oz) lemon linguine + 200 g (7 oz) fresh sweet bacon cut into cubes + 50 g (1.8) pine nuts + 1 teaspoon pink peppercorns.

Cook the lemon linguine in salted water. Heat a non-stick pan and toast the pine nuts on a high heat for 5 minutes. Add the diced sweet bacon and the pink peppercorns, and cook for 5 minutes. Drain the pasta and mix it well with the sauce. Bon appétit.




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