“Marriage is a graft; it takes well or ill”. (Victor Hugo).

Time for weddings, time of happiness but also of big gaffes. If you want to be flawless on the day you have always dreamed of, there is something that you may not know. The things you have to know are critical to the success of your event, any mistake could damage your reputation and throw you into the “out” list. I have always been passionate about this subject (though far be it from me to get married) and this is why I would like to share with you what I have learned.

Witnesses. Generally, there are four (two for the bride and two for the groom), but there can also be just two. How do you choose them? Either among your friends and relatives, if you love tradition, or among some prominent figure, if you love fame. A sore point for witnesses: the gift. It should be something formal, expensive and unique, and that is why the bride and groom should have the good taste to choose the right people without putting anyone in trouble. I would like to remind the bride and groom, though, that they also have to give a present to the witnesses, and a nice one.

Bridesmaids. Their presence is a bit weird if the wedding is simple, but it is allowed in big weddings. There may be two, four or even six of them. They will wear the same outfit (chosen together with the bride without arguments) that can be of different colors, as long as they match each other. In this case, the bride should cover the cost of her bridesmaids’ dresses, handbags, gloves and bouquets. This way you will see how bridesmaids will go from six to four, and you will end up drastically with two (or none).

The pageboy. If he is accompanied by a girl, her outfit should match his. With a bunch of lily of the valley in their hands, they will look even cuter.

The family of the bride. They have some obligations: they must think about the invitations, the bride’s dress, the pageboy and bridesmaids’ outfits, the flowers, the cost of the reception and ceremony, the wedding souvenirs, the car and driver. Not bad at all.

The family of the groom. They will have to pay for: the wedding rings, the bride’s bouquet, the honeymoon and the furniture for the future home. Nowadays, considering that many couples already live together before getting married, the honeymoon is paid by the guests who are “invited” to make an “offer”. Asking for money is never comfortable, and elegance (as far as possible) in this case is mandatory: do not divulge your iban or, even worse, do not set up a stand where guests can leave their envelopes.

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