“People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it.  If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.” Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Opera A cult scene is that of Julia Roberts, Vivian, who is touched by the opera “La Traviata” to the tune of:

Love me, Alfredo, 

love me as much as I love you!


When I attend the opera, I get emotional too, and I love theatre for two reasons. First of all, because it is the best thing that human beings have created. Secondly, because the people you sit next to will not speak and it’s really comforting to know that you will hear the silence around you. A few years ago, I was at the theatre La Fenice in Venice to see “La Traviata”, the great masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi. When the curtain opened, the magic began. The heavy red velvet curtains hid the elegant livingroom of Violetta Valery’s house in Paris. As woman of the world, she waited for her guest, offering wine glasses to toast gloriously to the praise of wine and love. Among the many guests, there was Alfredo Germont, a fascinating man madly in love with Violetta. Will they fall in love or not? I am not telling you how the story ends, but I would like to leave you with the sour taste of this elegant cocktail that contains the whole world of Violetta. If you also love going to theatre, I invite you to Barezzi Festival, the event that brings rock music, jazz and electronics to the opera, to use the theatres and their wonderful spaces that remain often unused. The festival will be held from March to June in the theatres of Busseto, Fidenza and Parma. If anyone would like to come, we could make a toast with a fabulous cocktail while listening to great music. Click here to learn more. For now, I just leave you by humming the famous toast in waltz time from the first act of La Traviata.

“Drink from the joyful glass,

resplendent with beauty,

drink to the spirit of pleasure

which enchants the fleeting moment.

Drink to the thrilling sweetness

brought to us by love,

for these fair eyes, irresistibly,

pierce us to the heart.

Drink – for wine

will warm the kisses of love.”

Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

Tanqueray Rangpur 3.75cl (1.25 fl oz) + Bergamot liqueur 2.25 cl (0.75 fl oz)  + Lime juice 0.75 (0.25 fl oz) + Champagne 2.25 cl (0.75 fl oz).

Take a mixing glass. Put the ice, add the Tanqueray Rangpur, bergamot liqueur and lime juice. Stir and then cool down with a bar spoon. Pour with a strain and then add the Champagne. Decorate with bergamot peel .

Pretty Woman

The beautiful Maria Callas  

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