Taste of Runway presents: Issey Miyake - rose flavored water

This was the first collection for Yoshiyuki Miyame (who certainly belongs to the category  “small man, giant ego”), the designer who has taken the place of Issey Miyake and who is now leading the creative direction of the brand. On the runway futurists flowers inspired the prints of the clothes, but most of all the heads of the models. At times I felt that they could not see where they were going (but fortunately the runway was straight and wide enough to avoid bumping into each other while going back and forth) and that they had transformed into flower buds almost ready to bloom in all their beauty… The clothes in their soft, flowing forms resembled petals of a flower about to open, elegant in their delicate nuances and subtle colors. If you’re wearing such an outfit and someone tells you “you are beautiful like a flower” how can you deny that? He would be absolutely right! For the Spring / Summer collection, Issey Miyake women will be refined and dressed in sheer blouses, flowing dresses and will choose all the colors from the lightest to the most intense, going from beige to peach, but also yellow and orange, including turquoise, blue and pink. Well…we can say that the designers had a clear head. I was particularly struck with this look which resembles arose, streaked and subtle.  You can be confident that such a dress does not go unnoticed and in ten years time everyone will still remember that it’s the Miyake 2012 collection. So, unless YOU want to go out of fashion, you must keep it in your wardrobe until it will be worth the category of vintage. But if there is one thing on my table that is never out of fashion it is rose flavored water. With its slightly retro style (to be honest, the rose is too ’80s), it always attracts the attention of the most refined people and always evokes a sense of wonder. Try it! At the end of this season you won’t need to put it in the wardrobe waiting for it to become vintage!


Recipe. FOR 1 JAR

The petals of 4 roses + 200g (7 oz) sugar + 300ml (10 fl oz) water + sparkling water + fresh petals.

Pull the petals off 4 non-treated roses and put them in a large pot with 200g (7 oz) sugar and 300ml (6.7 fl oz)water. Bring to a boil and let it simmer slowly for 8 minutes or until you get a light syrup. As the foam forms on the top, remove it, then let cool and add a spoonful of rose water. Mix everything and decant into a jar (filtering through a strainer if you prefer to add fresh petals at the end). Now add cold sparkling water, fresh rose petals (with an aesthetic sense, please), put at the center of the table and drink it!

Photo Details: Alessandro Viero / GoRunway.com image courtesy of style.com.

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