If you’re nice people you will often be invited to a friend’s house for a dinner in company. Today I would like to give you some small tips to make that moment unique. How often do you have doubts about what to bring to the host (or hostess)? Some people choose to bring a dessert, some others opt for wine, and there are even people who choose to bring a fragrant and beautiful bouquet of flowers. It is certainly admirable the fact that a guest tries to return the favour, but there are some interesting things to know:

-Wine. Unless you have been expressly requested by the hostess, it is forbidden to bring bottles of wine because they might interfere with the evening’s menu. The only bottle allowed is that for dessert or champagne, which goes well with all dishes. If the hostess asked you to bring wine, remember that wine bottles should always be given in pairs, unless it is a particularly rare and prestigious wine.

-You should never bring cut flowers. You know why? The hostess could find herself in trouble because forced to abandon temporarily her guests to go in search of a vase which is not always easy to find. Sometimes she even doesn’t have one. Therefore, I would suggest you bring potted plants. With this small gesture you will solve a problem. If you are crazy about cut flowers, you have two choices: have them arrive the day before or the day after to your hostess’ house as a thank you gift.

-Dessert. Again, unless there was an explicit request by the hostess, do not bring the dessert. She would see herself forced to bring it to the table for education, but having already made a dessert herself. There is no worst thing than overshadowing the dessert that the hostess has prepared with love especially for her guests. Now that the warm season is approaching, also avoid bringing ice cream. Everyone will have the same idea and the hostess’ poor freezer would probably suffer.

What can you bring then?

-Chocolate boxes that were so fashionable before. It’s time to get back to basics and to revive this ancient tradition. If possible, choose special chocolates, like spicy ones and always original. Have a look at these by Armani Dolci.

-Baskets of tropical fruit that will make you stand out for taste and class.

-Homemade tomato sauce, conserve, or jam. Maybe wrapped with a beautiful ribbon accompanied by a thank you card for the invitation.

Aromatic plants such as pepper, sage, basil or rosemary. They are always useful and beautiful to see.

-A book. We lost the habit of giving books as a gift.

Some small objects that can be only found at a flea market.

These are just some ideas; any suggestion is accepted with great enthusiasm!

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