A cocktail party invitation is a smart way to invite many people all together. It’s the typical option for those who do not feel at ease in the kitchen, or for those who have many invitations to return and choose to invite everybody at the same time to the same event. Cocktail parties, so fashionable in the 60s, were a blast. Do you remember the memorable “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” party? Let’s say that any respectable cocktail party should pay attention to several details.

Guests. Guests have to be chosen carefully, according to specific criteria (ok to outgoing people and party-goers, but together with more sensitive and discreet people). The success of a good party lies in measuring all elements with the same care as when you prepare cocktails.

Living room. You will have to get rid of tables, chairs and everything that can be an obstacle. In a cocktail party you stand, you don’t sit down.

Cocktails. They must be high quality, since they will be the main protagonists of the evening. Those you can see in the picture are those that I made for the project #grandmarnierlovescharm and are perfect for a home party. With a little effort and with my recipes you will be able to make them too.  Unless you have a barman friend who can work for you.

Food. There will be a buffet, where you will have trays with snacks, which must be easy to take with your hands and as less greasy as possible. Ok to small cups filled with something substantial. Try the saffron cream of rice, gazpacho with buffalo mozzarella, or goat cheese and pepper mousse.

Time. The invitation to a cocktail party is usually from 7 p.m. to about 9 p.m. Remember to point out to your guests if they are allowed to bring a friend or not. A cocktail party is the typical occasion where everybody takes the freedom to bring someone. Everything will depend on your square meters.

Music. Essential to create the right atmosphere. If you do not know where to start, click here. You just need to register on Spotify and click on the playlist that I created under the name “Cocktail party by Taste of Runway.” Some refined-psychedelic-chic notes to remind the beloved Audrey Hepburn.

Coffee. You will serve it in the living room, when the cocktail party is over.

Liquors. Will be served after coffee, assuming that your guests want them.

Ice-cold fresh juice. At the end of the evening, you can use this touch of class to refresh your guests’ souls.

Enjoy your day!


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