The occasion was special. And for a unique event you need a unique city. When the Campari team told me that I would leave for New York as the only ambassador of the Italian brand, I could not believe it. Then self-esteem has run its course, and in a few days I prepared everything I needed: enthusiasm (which I always have), a lightweight suitcase (because, unlike others, I only need a few things. Black of course), my Reflex camera and the incense perfume that has become my must. Waiting for me in the Big Apple was the presentation of the Campari Calendar 2016 entitled “BitterSweet Campaign”, starring the charming and wonderful American actress Kate Hudson. The theme of the calendar, inspired by the upcoming US elections, plays with the different facets of the Campari taste, with its dual but complementary nature, in which either the bitterness or the sweetness can prevail, depending on the type of mixing. In the 12 calendar shots, Kate Hudson plays two different characters, representing the sweet and bitter aspects of the intriguing and versatile Campari-based cocktails. A matter of taste? Not only that, but also an attitude that changes daily. I realize that sometimes I’m bitter, whereas others I’m terribly sweet. Kate Hudson? Fifty-fifty, of couuse. The event began with an international dinner organized by Campari. Red was dominant in the private room of the Standard Hotel. Flowers, candles, a perfect mise en place and of course many cocktails. I went to sleep under the sky of New York with my heart full of wonder. On the following day, I finally met Kate, who, with her breezy attitude, amused everyone. Porcelain skin, cat’s eyes and lots of energy. After spending a little time with her, the great night came. Imagine the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, red lights so as to cause palpitations, a jazz-swing band to start the night, perfect guests and unique view of the illuminated city. Kate Hudson among balloons, live sets and delicious cocktails, brought her bitter and sweet soul in the room. The challenge is open and will end with the election day of March 1, 2016. Which side will win? The sweet one or the bitter one? What do you prefer?

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