“Woman is flighty


Like a feather in the wind,


She changes her voice and her mind.”


If I think of a drama full of feeling, passion, betrayal, filial love and revenge, I immediately think of Rigoletto, another intense opera by Giuseppe Verdi. Today the inspiration for the creation of this charming cocktail made of Tanqueray Ten gin comes exactly from there, more precisely from Sparafucile. He is an assassin hired by Rigoletto, the court jester, to kill the Duke of Mantua, guilty for having seduced his daughter Gilda. Errors, revenge and curses will lead to the death of the wrong person, in a mixture of dalliances, wine and money. So, we carry on with the wonderful project that links Tanqueray Ten gin to music. Last week I published the cocktail inspired by Traviata, how many of you have tasted it? Today, thanks to the collaboration of the masters of mixology Alioscia Bisceglia and Oscar Caulli, I discovered this amazing cocktail. I would have never thought of mixing gin with Emilia Lambrusco wine. And I like it so much! That cherry toasted in a pan then makes it even more important and full of nuances. If you also love the theatre, I invite you to Barezzi Festival, the event that brings rock, jazz and electronic music to the opera, in order to enjoy the theatres and their wonderful spaces often unused. The Festival will be held from March to June in the theatres of Busseto, Fidenza and Parma, the places of Giuseppe Verdi. I leave you with a quote that I love very much:

“To copy the truth can be a good thing, but inventing the truth is better, much better.”



Tanqueray old Tom gin 3 cl (1 fl oz) + Carpano Vermouth ancient formula 3cl (1 fl oz) + Emilia Lambrusco wine 3 cl (1 fl oz) + 1 toasted cherry.

Pour the 3 ingredients in the glass, add ice, stir a bit with the help of a spoon and then add the toasted cherry. To toast the cherry heat a pan and sauté for a few minutes the cherry until it lightly toast.

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