When fashion met food, Taste of Runway was born. But when Campari met an outfit by Bottega Veneta, a special drink is born. Today’s recipe will make you become excellent hosts and everyone will compete to come and drink a cocktail at your place. You will have the power to choose who to invite and who to leave away from your life, a luxury that you can rarely have in packed bars. I heard that staying at home has become the new fashion, (“is the new black”), so why not share this new trend with a few but good people? Open the doors of your home and impress your guests with delicacies, delicious cocktails, talks worthy of a large living room, movies that have made the history of cinema. Channel your Elsa Maxwell, the organizer of social evenings who has become famous all over  planet Earth and beyond. Light the candles, play some jazz and round up all the glasses. Today’s recipe is called MI-TO and you should listen to its story. Campari (produced in Milan) was mixed with Red Vermouth (produced in Turin) in 1870. Not surprisingly, the abbreviation of the name Milan-Turin appeals so strongly the idea of a “myth” (“mito” in Italian). To make this “sweet” recipe it takes very few ingredients and you will not encounter any difficulty. You can also prepare some carrot chips to make this moment even more unique. That will impress your guests! If you missed the first recipe based on Campari, click here; if you have not read my wonderful experience in New York to launch the calendar, click here instead. I’ll leave you with the February picture of beautiful Kate Hudson.


Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

1 part (1 oz, 3 cl) Campari  + 1 part (1 oz, 3 cl) Red Vermouth.

Prepare the cocktail directly into a glass filled with ice and garnish with an orange zest.


Recipe for the carrot chips. FOR 4 PEOPLE

6 carrots + sunflower oil for frying + salt + pepper.

Wash and dry the carrots, peel and thinly slice them length-wise (or cut them in discs if you prefer). Prepare a pan with plenty of oil for frying, add salt, pepper and heat well. When you reach the right temperature, dip the carrots and let them fry until they are golden brown. Take them out and place them on a plate lined with paper towels. If you prefer a lighter cooking, you can cook the carrots in the oven: sprinkle with a little oil and keep the temperature of the oven at about 200°C (392°F) until they get golden brown.


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