HERMES SS 2014 Moon-tan


Hermès’ woman has always been considered a refined traveler, her Parisian charm makes her unique over time, and each collection is incredibly special. For the spring/summer collection, the designer was inspired by Henri Rousseau, the French artist who made dream and fairy tale his philosophy of life. Don’t you also think this outfit is a dream? Its color, which is so intense, has always been the symbol of the fashion house, energetic and spiritual at the same time. Just like today’s recipe, a charge of vitality, ready to make you shine with beauty. If you’re planning on traveling, I recommend putting in your suitcase: a bottle of rum, a carrot, a piece of ginger, some lime and a jar of sour orange jam. Today’s cocktail, created for the fantastic Grand Marnier Loves Charm project, is a powerhouse of vitamins that will make you become even more charming. Try to imagine yourself at the end of a tiring day, surrounded by people you love, while you sip this refreshing cocktail that is the same color as the sunset you are watching. Yes, it is true, summer holidays are still far away, but remember that imagination is freedom.


Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

30 ml (1 fl oz) Grand Marnier + 20ml (0.7 fl oz) white rum + 9 ml (0.30 fl oz) blended carrot and ginger mixture + 1/2  fresh lime + 1 teaspoon of sour orange jam + ice.  

Shake and serve it in a tall tumbler with ice. Decorate with dried orange and carrot, and grated tonka bean on top. A cool and healthy summer drink that favors sun tanning!



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