The 2016 Gucci spring/summer ad campaign directed by Glen Luchford in Berlin is one of the most interesting going on. The image is a little decadent, a little romantic, and brings us back to the aesthetics of Berlin in the 80s. The rarefied and at times dreamlike atmosphere reminds me of the novel “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo”, a classical book to be read when you are a teenager to feel the impact of all the emptiness of the world. The nonchalance with which we face life has always been a fundamental element in the fashion world. It’s a bit like saying: “I get up in the morning, I comb my hair if I feel like it, my makeup should be very light because it’s cool to let others know that I stayed up late last night, and I dress myself without following a precise rule.” Gucci manages to give a sense of uncertainty and unease through its videos, and leads us to the next trend: the genderless, i.e. a one-way aesthetics. He’s like her, she’s like him, he’s with her, she’s with him. The genders are different, yet they get confused. And this is something I like as much as zucchini and pistachios pesto to be spread on warm bread.


3 zucchini + 1 clove garlic + 30 g (1 oz) shelled pistachios + 6 fresh basil leaves + 5 sprigs of thyme + salt + pepper + extra virgin olive oil.

Cut the zucchini into slices and cook for 15 minutes on low heat with a clove of garlic and a drizzle of oil. Once cooked, blend the zucchini in a blender with the basil leaves, pistachios and thyme. Set the cream aside and use it on warm bread or pasta.

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