I love steam cooking and I can’t do without it, especially after such a long time spent in Sicily surrounded by cannoli, pasta alla Norma, almond granita, bucatini and cassatine. Steam cooking does not require any fat and the loss of nutritional properties of foods is minimal because vitamins and minerals are preserved. The real revolution in my way of cooking is that I’ve always used a steam cooker or pressure cooker (and I’ve always looked at it with a mix of challenge and terror, for some reason) but today I steam food in my Miele oven. Yes! An oven! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? I’ve always thought that too much technology is not always good, but then I realized that technology is good when it changes people’s lifestyle positively, solving many problems and simplifying their lives. This is a smart oven that helps me cook and get the most out of food. You can use it to cook vegetables, soufflés and chocolate cakes, all at the same time. Practically a whole menu, all steam-cooked, and without the food being contaminated one another. Which means your soufflé will not taste like chocolate, and vice versa. So, inspired by my Sicilian look, I “steam cooked myself” and I prepared a simple and delicious vegetarian dish. Imagine the flavor of fresh vegetables that meet that of fresh ricotta and caramelized lemons. It is a perfect recipe to prepare when you have friends over for dinner. Use plenty of caramelized lemons, they will go fast!
2 zucchini + 2 potatoes + 1 Tropea red onion + 1 peeled and sliced red turnip ​​+ 700 g (25 oz) sugar peas + 2 heads of Belgian endive + 1 sliced caramelized lemon + 200 g (7 oz) fresh ricotta or goat cheese.

I placed the sliced ​​ red turnip ​​on a holed baking sheet and I put it in the steam oven for 20 minutes at 100 ° C/ 212° F. 10 minutes before the end of cooking time, I added the zucchini, diced potatoes, 1 Tropea onion cut into quarters and the sweet peas. Then I took everything out of the oven at the same time.

For caramelized lemons:
1 lemon + 150 g (5 oz) sugar + 200 ml (7 fl oz) water
Pour the water in a pot and add the sugar. Cook on low heat, stirring to melt sugar well. Then lower the heat and add the lemon cut into thin slices (about 5mm/ 0.20 in). Caramelize on a low heat for about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let cool in their syrup.

Put the cooked vegetables in a bowl and season with a mustard, vinegar and lemon vinaigrette. Plate the food starting from the endive leaves and add the seasoned steamed vegetables at the center of the dish. Add two tablespoons of fresh ricotta and lay the vegetables on top. Then add the caramelized lemons.

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