Try this dish inspired by Franklin & Marshall. It is a typical Italian recipe with a little variation: rice flour instead of cornmeal. Easy, quick and yummy. Rice flour was a wonderful discovery: it is lighter and softer than cornmeal and it has a sweeter taste. I also use it to thicken cream soups and soups. It is something good to keep in your kitchen.

Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

200g (7 oz) rice flour + cooking salt + 200g (7 oz) salami + extra virgin olive oil.

Heat a pot with 1 liter water. Bring to a boil; add half a tablespoon of cooking salt, a little olive oil and the rice flour very slowly. While doing that, stir with a whisk to avoid lumps. Reduce the heat and stir frequently for about 20 minutes while simmering. Serve still hot, adding some slices of salami. It is also delicious with melted cheese, such as sweet or spicy gorgonzola cheese.


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