FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL SS 2014 Salmon tartare


“Franklin & Marshall considers GNH, Gross National Happiness, as the true purpose of any business.”

This is the sentence that impressed me the most while I was signing a contract with the company that made vintage (made in Italy) its strength. Fresh and smart, so is Franklin and Marshall! Finally, when the team told me that the working day should be also relaxing and maybe even end in their bar or company spa, I realized that there are still businesses focused on human well-being. I like it! Therefore, could today’s recipe be a heavy dish? Of course not. I prepared a tasty, wonderful but very light tartar of vegetables, apples and salmon. It looks nice, it’s delicious and easy to prepare.

Long live Gross National Happiness!


Recipe. FOR 4 PEOPLE

2 yellow apples + 2 beefsteak tomatoes + 2 celery hearts + 10 radishes + 1 fennel  + 200g (7 oz) fresh salmon (or smoked) + the juice of 1 lemon + 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard + salt + pepper + extra-virgin olive oil.

Wash, dry and chop all the vegetables. Mix them in a bowl and add the salmon, cut into thin strips. Prepare an emulsion by mixing the lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard and two tablespoons of oil. Pour the emulsion over the vegetables and salmon, stirring well to mix, add salt and a grinding of black pepper. In the meantime, wash and dice the apples, but without removing the peel and set aside. With the help of a round pastry ring, serve and decorate by adding the apples. Enjoy!

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