ELISIR D’ORANGE The cocktail inspired by literature

Elisir d orange

“You put in the talent, I take care of the rest” Pierre Bergé  to Yves Saint Laurent.

Theirs was an unconventional love story, difficult, full of love but also betrayal, of sex and of tenderness. On the one hand Yves Saint Laurent, sensitive and ingenious, on the other, Pierre Bergé, authoritarian with a particular intuition for business.  They were together for 40 years mixing sexual chemistry and intellectual talent which allowed them to overcome many adversities. Yves was moody and constantly in the grip of nervous breakdowns which led him to abuse chemical substances making him become violent and unrecognizable. Bergé tried everything to defend him from his demons proving to be the only person able to save Yves from his angst. He said:

“Yves was happy only twice a year, for the summer and winter collections. When he stepped onto the catwalk after the fashion show, amongst the applause. The day after, the effect had already disappeared.

They supported each other, Pierre Bergé remembers Yves every day and affirms: “I lost my life’s witness and ever since then I can do nothing else but live my life listlessly, waiting for my turn.” Isn’t it true that love is one way even if it’s people of the same sex to experience it? The third cocktail dedicated to an Unconventional St. Valentine’s day contains the same colours as the heart, the sweet taste of agave nectar and the sour aftertaste of dry vermouth, just like love. Happy Valentine’s day to all of you, lovers and not.




Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

15 ml (0.5 fl oz) Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge + 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) Rossi d’Angera bitter + 22.5 ml (0.80 fl oz) French dry vermouth  + 20 ml (0.70 fl oz) “lager” light beer* + 5 ml (0.17 fl oz) agave syrup + 4 dashes elemakule bitter + ice.

In a glass, put together the agave and the beer. Mix well. Add all the ingredients and ice. Stir and serve.

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