Complex and monumental, it is one of the most important works of Giuseppe Verdi. The Don Carlos is now the star of the last cocktail related to the refined Tanqueray Ten project: 6 cocktails inspired by the opera. We explored the light notes of “La Traviata”, the more toasted notes of the “Rigoletto” and the exotic flavours inspired by “Aida”. We have shaken drama, jealousy and love for the sweet “Otello” cocktail, and mixed in a Boston shaker the flavour of prophecies and ambiguity topped with a slice of crispy bacon for the “Macbeth” cocktail. Giuseppe Verdi spent a lot of energy in the creation of Don Carlos, and the result is a masterpiece. Contrast is the key topic of the work and is represented in several ways: between parent and son, between two different political views and, finally, between Church and State. Deceptions, mistakes, love that is not reciprocated, secrets revealed and revenge are the engine of all the events. All these flavours, a little bitter, slightly toasted, and with a hint of oak and Moroccan mint tea, are enclosed in this glass. The Pimenton on the rim of the glass will emphasize all these sensations and the smoky taste will meet with the refreshing tones of the drink that will surprise you with a return of a bitter and refreshing flavour, which will put everything into question again. For your summer, amaze your friends by preparing great cocktails like this. Style is everything, always.

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Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

60ml (2 fl oz) Tanqueray ten Gin + 30 ml (1fl oz) Jerez Sherry fortified wine + 4 drops of Amargo Chuncho bitters + 6 mint leaves + 2 teaspoons of white sugar + orange peel + Pimenton de la Vera (a Spanish spice similar to chili pepper, but not spicy.) for the rim.

In a Boston shaker, put the sugar, mint and the drops of  Amargo Chuncho bitters. Then add the gin, the Jerez Sherry fortified wine and shake well. Prepare the serving glass with a rim of Pimenton, ice and pour everything inside. Decorate with orange peel and serve.

Credits cocktail: Oscar Cauli.


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