Taste of Runway presents: Dolce & Gabbana - chives omelette


-“Olivia, we’ve already talked about that, we said that it’s better not to go anywhere this weekend. And you agreed to it. Why are you insisting now? “

-“Giacomo! You are always so pragmatic! Everybody is leaving, why do we have to stay in town, all alone and sad? ”

-“Olivia, first of all not everybody is leaving. Titty, Kitty and Bibi are staying here, for example. ”

-“Yeah ok, I talk to them every day at the editorial office. I want to see the sea, smell the scent of spring … ”

-“Olivia, why do we have to go and spend hours stuck in traffic jams both ways? It’s so stressful. ”

-“You think the others have the DeLorean? And they drive around with Doc and Marty McFly? ”

-“What’s the DeLorean?”

-“Oh yeah I forgot I have a boyfriend who cannot even stay awake watching a movie. Anyway, it’s the car from the movie Back to the Future. But let’s not change the subject, give me one good reason to stay in Milan this holiday weekend! ”

-“We can organize a brunch as on style.it with all the friends who remain in town. I’ll take care of the cooking, now I can also make omelets and it’s not so difficult, I handle it well! I’ll fill the house with beautiful flowers everywhere so you’ll smell the scent of spring, and I’ll also give you a present. What do you say? ”

-“You would give me any present, rather than leaving this weekend, right?”

-“Yes… You’re scaring me now … ”

-“Perfect. I wish every weekend was Easter! I put my shoes on and I’m  ready to go. I saw a beautiful  Dolce & Gabbana outfit. So whenever we finally go to the seaside I’ll have something to wear. Thank you, honey! ”

-“Oh yes. I think I’ve just screwed myself. I’ll wait in the car, I need some fresh air. ”



3 Eggs + 1 tablespoon of butter + fresh chives + salt + pepper.

Take the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. In a bowl, beat the yolks with a fork. In another bowl, whip the egg whites with an electric mixer, then incorporate to the other mixture and stir gently with a spoon to mix everything up. Put a nonstick skillet (about 25 cm/ 10  inch diameter) over low heat, add a knob of butter and spread it over the whole surface. Pour the egg mixture into the pan. After a minute, with the aid of a spatula with rounded edges, fold one side of the omelet over the other and remove the pan from the heat. Slide the omelet onto a plate, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and add a sprinkle of fresh chopped chives. Enjoy your brunch!

Photo Food: Taste of Runway. Photo fashion show:  Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com image courtesy of style.com. Model: Ginta Lapina.

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