Dodo e-commerce – Fluo Starfish Collection

A starfish,

a nice ladybug,

a crescent moon,

a four leaf clover charm.

Love, friendship, dreams and freedom.
These are some of the magical elements enclosed in Dodo pendants, the Italian brand with an international vocation, which has just launched its new website.
A completely renovated “look and feel”, to involve the user in a unique experience of online shopping even on tablets and smartphones. A fresh platform, easily navigable and full of useful information to discover all the details of the products.
Through the e-commerce of the brand, everyone can buy Dodo jewelry directly with a single click, completely immersing in the magical world of the brand.
Dodo is the moon, stars, sea, palm trees, love, and summer. I throw myself into the Dodo summer mood and dream among little yellow gold boats, rose gold and black diamonds moons, starfish decorated with sapphires, dolphins, galloping sea horses, small crabs, octopuses and the Fluo Starfish Collection, which with its energetic tones promises happiness. All are masterpieces of jewelry that will color our summer with a bit of joy and emotion.
Pack up your luggage, choose your Dodo jewel and give one to the person you love. Luck is assured!

Dodo e-commerce - Gioielli Dodo

Dodo e-commerce - Dodo Summer Mood

Dodo Summer Mood - Nuovo sito Dodo

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