Bob Marley used to sing:
“All are born unique,
only some continue to be.”

Desire of all, charm of many, yet only few of us really succeed.
For centuries, uniqueness is represented, exalted, celebrated, praised, glorified, but how many can truly be said to be part of it?
Everything we do is because we are daily inspired by someone and yet, in our being tremendously equal to other people, there is hope for all. That is feeling, somehow, unique.

And this is the idea that led to the creation of Quattropiume, a Florentine brand with a very specific mission: to express the personal taste of every woman in a rare and precious clutch.
Imagine being able to choose from three proposed models, and to be able to unleash your creativity in the design of a product which will totally represents you and that certainly meets your needs.


The concept behind Quattropiume is that it is the brand that must adapt to the taste of every woman, not vice versa. So I accepted this kind invitation and, through the e-commerce website, I customized my favorite clutch starting from “Jawel Perfum”, the model that I prefer among the three different available options. And I can tell you that a fourth model will soon be available, and up to a choice of 12 different models in the future.
And needless to say that, among the many options of materials and colors available, I opted for a total black “jewel”, and to whoever will point that out I’ll answer I’ll stop wearing black when a darker color will be invented

And if “the expectation of pleasure is itself the pleasure”, I will be able to show you the masterpiece that I customized myself only in forty-five days, the time it takes to really create something unique, completely handmade in Italy. Ah, Made in Italy. Do you remember it? Now it seems to have become almost impossible to achieve. Many of the luxury brands that we know have moved their production abroad, completing only a small percentage of the work in Italy, enough to be able to apply the “Made in Italy” label. So hats off and a big round of applause to the valiant effort of a group of four young entrepreneurs who really believe in the quality of Italian know-how, the expertise of skilled craftsmen who make handmade unique items following the instructions of the customer to fulfill the desire of having a unique product and worthy of being proudly shown.


Because projects are like this, either you fall in love right away because you believe in them, otherwise forget about it. And I see in Quattropiume a shade of bright green color in a standardized gray world where you pay dearly for a product only to belong to a status, ending up hopelessly to be identical to many other people who have made a choice probably not dictated by the heart.

Also in this case the product is not really cheap (base price of 1,200 euro), but the added value is given by the elements that we no longer consider to be important. The quality of the raw material, for example, customization, the refined processes to choose from, the machining cycles entirely made in Italy, the wisdom of craftsmen who have done this job for decades and should be protected in the name of the Made in Italy which still honors our country.

In the frame of the beautiful city of Florence, I was lucky enough to get to know the creative team of Quattropiume, and I swear to you that their eyes twinkled as they told us how the project originated.
Quattropiume is an emerging brand that focuses on the desire of the consumer, and in this time of homogenisation, the new luxury is not the trend to follow or the IT bag of the season, but rather feeling special with something that will last forever and that no store could ever sell (off). Now we just have to wait for my clucth to be made, in the meantime I will try to imagine the sound of the scissors and the sewing machines, the hands of the craftsmen and the smell of the laboratory, the click that it will make every time I close it, but above all, I just have to think about the first time I will wear it.

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