“Mistakes are no scandal. What is worrying is the belief, more and more widespread, that good manners are old-fashioned, and that it is not worth to learn them.” P. Ottone

Time of holidays, time of great feasts. Are you sure you know absolutely everything about good manners at the table? I know people who are so self-centered and vain that they do not realize how rude they are at the table. When you hope that sooner or later the torture of being seated in front of a bad-mannered person will end, it is exactly with the dessert that the desire to run away reaches its peak. So, what should you know about the happiest time of the dinner, when we serve millions of calories ready to give us a smile?-Cakes are cut in front of the guests and served in small plates using a cake slice. You should always eat it with a dessert fork and, if necessary, also with the help of a dessert knife.

-Pastries should be placed on a serving plate (a round, silver one, if you have it), divided by type, so to make the choice easier for the guest.

-You should take the pastries from the serving plate with your fingers, grabbing also the paper cup (there is no worst thing of seeing all those empty pastry paper cups left on the serving plate), and place them in your dish.

-After removing the paper cup, you should eat them in one bite. You got it: just one bite. Of course we are talking about small pastries.

-If fruit filled desserts contain seeds, you should collect them in your hand and place them in the saucer. You should always remember this rule: what you bring to your mouth with your hands, you should place back in the plate again with your hands. 

-The dessert should be always served after cheese and before fruit, but remember that even cheese follows precise rules: it is never served at dinners, for example.

-The dessert should never be left off the menu, and neither should the dessert wine. Choose Prosecco, Champagne or straw wine.


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