On Nov. 18 at 9pm on Sky Arts (SKY channel 120 and 400), there will be the first episode of the program dedicated to music and cocktails created by Talisker in collaboration with SKY Art and 3D productions. Every Wednesday, for 7 episodes, there will be ten unmissable minutes where you will be able to listen to music, classified according to decades and masterfully explained by Alioscia Bisceglia (founder of Casino Royale, owner of Elita Bar and Elita Company in Milan), and all the secrets of mixology by Marco Russo (founder and partner of 1930 Cocktail Bar and, Mag Café and BackDoor in Milan). Seven incredible episodes to take a dip in the past, rediscovering the great revolutions of music that marked eras and lifestyles. The first episode will be devoted to the ’30s, the era of black music and the songs sung in the cotton fields that gave birth later to jazz and blues. Incredible characters, authentic ingredients, sounds, instruments and races, all mixed together to form the names and faces that have created the history of music. A trip to St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana to get to know those who left an indelible mark on the music of the past and, therefore, in that of today: Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, until the birth of jazz. And then the blues, with great B.B. King, who, together with Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, will take him to the cities where white people live, originating, this way, countless other  developments. This is just a hint of all that you will be told during the first episode. For now, I’ll leave you with a lot of curiosity and the first extraordinary cocktail inspired by the ’30s by Marco Russo.  Write down the appointment on your agenda!


Talisker Storm + Cognac + Rooibos Tea infused Vermouth + Cannabis flavored Benedictine + Angostura Bitter + Orange Bitter.


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