If in a suit stripes give character to the look, making it unique, in a cocktail they balance the flavour of the drink, making it magic. The blue icing will be the best ally to create an extraordinary effect that does not involve only aesthetics. Your palate will taste all the delicacy of a soft texture that blends perfectly with this outfit by Canali, powerful and undoubtedly refined. It’s always a matter of style, both when choosing a suit and when choosing a cocktail. Shall I give you a tip? Instead of the typical toast, choose a toast made of looks and things you have never said before.

Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

For the cocktail: 60 ml (2 fl oz) Ciroc vodka + 30 ml (1 fl oz) liquid cream + 30 ml (1 fl oz) orange juice + 30 ml (1 fl oz) Laraha peel liquor + 6 crushed blackberries + 5 drops of liquorice bitters + ice.

For the decoration: Blue icing.

Take a high tumbler and with the help of a tool for decorating, recreate the stripes in the inner part of the glass. Since this is a cocktail made without sugar, these icing stripes will balance the flavor.

In a Boston shaker, crush the blackberries with the liquid cream. Then add the ice, vodka, orange juice, Laraha peel liquor (Blue Curaçao), the liquorice bitters and shake. You will get a liquid of a beautiful baby blue colour. Put some new ice in the tumbler glass and pour the cocktail by filtering it. Serve, adding some blackberries as a decoration.


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