campari orange

It’s attractive, it’s the color of love and passion. It’s on your lips, cheeks and heart. Red draws tenderness on the cheeks of young lovers, and embarrassment on those of adults. A few nights ago, at sunset, the sky of Milan was painted in red with orange shades: it was a breathtaking view. I was sitting on the terrace on the twelfth floor of a friend’s house, one of those terraces that dominate the entire city and that make you feel closer to the sky. It seemed to me that I could touch it with a finger, and that I could “drink” all its color full of energy. One more reason to stop to admire it, to take a break from routine and enjoy a wonderful moment in the company of a special person and, of course, a cocktail. Well, how many times do we forget to think about ourselves? A long time ago, I understood that the most important thing is that you should never let yourself be caught unprepared: life can offer unexpected moments to be welcomed with a toast to celebrate it. I suggest a Campari Orange, which highlights all sweet sides of Campari, to be enjoyed in front of a sunset. Created in 1960, it is an elegant cocktail, full of passion, where the red of Campari blends with the orange of Sicilian oranges. The secret of Campari sits in its versatility, which allows you to create incredible drinks just by adding a few ingredients. By adding some red vermouth, you’ll get an excellent MI-TO; by adding some red vermouth and soda, you’ll get a delicious American; by adding some red vermouth and sparkling wine, you’ll get a Negroni sbagliato. With a touch of a soda, you can prepare a Campari Seltz, while by adding some red vermouth and Bourbon whiskey, you’ll get a refined Boulevardier. So, honestly, life is too short not to celebrate it in front of a good glass in the company of your loved ones. Remember to invite friends over and make them feel special. It’s good for your soul, and certainly also for their hearts.

campari orange

Campari Orange, the sweet side of Campari. Created in 1960, it is also known as “Garibaldi”, given the similarity of the color of Campari to the uniform worn by the Hero of two worlds. Campari from Milan combines with red oranges, symbol of Sicily.Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

1 part (1,25 oz, 4 cl) Campari + 3 parts of orange juice.

Pour all the ingredients into a juice glass with ice. Garnish with an orange slice.

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