campari on the rocks

The most classic and simple way to discover and appreciate all the nuances of Campari is to drink it on the rocks, that is to say, “with a little ice”. Ice enhances its unique bitter taste, providing a dry and decisive taste. It’s a cocktail dedicated to all lovers of intense flavors, those who always know what they want and have clear ideas in their mind. Do you feel more bitter or sweet? I took the test and the result was predictable: bitter. That’s how Campari invites you to play by trying its unique taste in different ways, as an emblem of versatility in the world of mixology. Open the doors of your living room and invite friends over to drink a glass, showing off all your knowledge in the field of drinks. Test their tastes and offer them sweet cocktails like a Campari Orange or a refined Boulevardier. Or surprise them with bitter cocktails like a Negroni, or a Campari Grapefruit. The recipes are easy to make and I can assure you it will be a real success!


Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

1 part (2 oz, 6 cl) of Campari + ice. 

Prepare the cocktail directly into a glass with ice. Pour the Campari and garnish with an orange slice.

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