-“Anna, what are you cooking for us today? “

- “Baked meringue, lace-scented.
White as an immaculate dress, fragrant as a precious fabric, baked meringues are one of my favorite sweets. There are many reasons for that:

– they are elegant and discrete;
– if they are homemade, their taste is unique;
– they are easy to make (unlike what you might believe);
– they are versatile in the kitchen because they allow you to prepare endless desserts.

For all these reasons today, inspired by my look, I decided to “cook myself”. Meringues have a peculiarity: the outcome depends almost entirely on the right cooking, which is extremely delicate. Being very sensitive to moisture and high temperatures, they need a dry environment and must cook slowly. Only this way we can be sure that they will remain white and crispy. On the contrary, if cooked at high temperatures, they will be gummy inside and golden-colored outside. The process is not difficult and the oven will do everything.

After beating the eggs with the icing sugar, I added a few drops of lemon juice to make them look even brighter, and then I transferred everything into the amazing pastry bag. There, the fun begins and after some attempts, sooner or later everyone always finds the right technique to create meringues. I then switched on my Miele combined oven, set on the special “drying” function and put my meringues in on multiple layers at 70 ° C/ 158 ° F for about 3 hours. Thanks to moisture releasing and air exchange, which are two essential elements for the success of this recipe, the baked meringues I have prepared are awesome!

In the meantime, you will have all the time to write a poem, call your best friend, schedule your next trip, buy a plane ticket, or do a manicure. Anyway, I’m sure you will find the way to keep yourself busy. Here’s my recipe for you.


Recipe. ABOUT 30 SMALL MERINGUES (3 cm/1.20 in in diameter).

3 eggs (only egg whites) at room temperature + 220 g (8 oz) icing sugar + a few drops of lemon juice.

Place the egg whites in a bowl. Start beating them with an electric mixer at medium speed, add the lemon juice and half of the icing sugar at a time. This will take a few minutes, that is until the egg whites are stiff. How do you know? First of all, the mixture must look dense and compact. Moreover, when you remove the whips, you will notice that the compound sticks to it and forms a stiff peak. At this point, add the remaining half of the icing sugar by gently mixing it with a silicone spatula from bottom to top to mix well, but without disassembling the compound. Put everything in the pastry bag with a star tip and start shaping the meringues directly on the baking sheet lined with baking paper. Remember to leave a space between them to prevent them from sticking to each other, when they expand. Bake at a temperature of 70 ° C / 158° F and cook for about 3 hours using the special “drying” application. Enjoy your meringues whole, or crumble them on top of fresh fruit and whipped cream.

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