“I drink to make other people interesting.”

-To make a toast is not fashionable. I was at a very elegant business lunch, and we were all drinking champagne in the typical champagne glass (the one where the perfect breast should fit). There comes a journalist and with unprecedented violence, she clinks her glass against another, making the champagne go from one glass into the other. In these few lines I have summed up why you shouldn’t make a toast. In the past it was a habit to pass the poisoned wine in the glass of the enemy at the time of the toast. Yes, I know that you are really looking forward to Christmas to cheer with your mother-in-law. Always remember, however, that the worst lack of “etiquette” is to act in a snobbish way in front of other people’s attitudes. My advice? If you find yourself in the middle of a toast, raise your glass too, and don’t refuse to do it, otherwise slightly raise your glass, smile and drink. If you really have to say something, just say “cheers”.

-Never mix, for any reason, water and wine;

-you should clean your mouth both before and after drinking. Some red Chanel lipstick on the rim of the glass is almost chic, a smudge is not;

-drink in small sips without slurping;

-remember that your little finger is not an ornament to show off. It has to stay glued to the glass while you drink and not look like the antenna of my grandfather’s radio;

-When you no longer want to drink, you do not need to dramatize by removing the glass from the table or cover it with your hand: just say “no thanks” with a smile.

 In this post I used the beautiful “Medusa Gala” china that Versace Home has kindly put at my disposal.

That’s all!

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