We carry on the project in collaboration with Don Julio tequila, which favorite motto is “passion”. Last week musician Sergio Carnevale entered Taste of Runway’s living room with many stories to tell, today’s article is all-female. When she was a child, she thought she would become a pilot, then things changed and she followed another passion. She is Anna Maria Negri, makeup artist for over 30 years and Beauty Editor L’Officiel Italia – L’Officiel Hommes Italia. She is an extraordinary woman full of energy, color and vitality. She has traveled the world thanks to her job, always accompanied by her tattoos, her suitcase that she cannot do without and her great sense of humor. I asked some questions to Anna Maria, read her answers.

The day before our photo shooting, you phoned me and asked if I preferred fuchsia or orange hair. I said fuchsia, and you arrived well prepared. Yours is a true natural talent!

I change hair color almost every week. For me it’s normal and it takes me no time. My hair suits very well to every need.

I asked you to bring some object that represent you and you arrived with a trolley full of memories, passions and interesting things. How precious this suitcase for you?

I never separate myself from this suitcase; it always accompanies me in all my travels. Every time I put a sticker on it, which over time will be covered by other stickers. It’s like if it was the map of my life.


You have a passion for metal robots. They are beautiful!

These are part of my collection, for me are very valuable and I make them come from every corner of the planet. My son knows that these toys are not for him, but for mom and dad! I have always been interested in everything that has to do with space, launches into orbit and especially the nostalgic concept of interest in something that you do not know. I identify myself in the vintage aesthetics of space age.



What else did you bring with you? Tell me something..

A book by Todd Schorr, my favorite artist. His works are expensive and I cannot afford them, so I decided to have them tattooed on my skin. Through his works, Schorr tells bizarre stories creating images full of allegories with a hint of irony, mysticism and rituality.


My favourite books.


The agenda with the Marc by Marc Jacobs’ lipstick-shaped pen. It’s perfect for me!


Balmain hair products and my portable brush that matches the color of my hair.


My favorite perfumes.


Chanel powder foundation with mini brush. Perfect to carry with you wherever you go.


Dior serum, ideal to regenerate my skin, and my body cream by Byredo, a new perfume house founded in Stockholm in 2006. It also produces delicious home fragrance.


Lipstick and nail polish that should always be in a woman’s beauty case.


My collection of eyeglasses.


The extra shiny hair pomade by Bullfrog, the barber shop in Milan founded by my husband Romano Brida.


Thanks Anna Maria for letting us discover many things about you! After transforming Romano in a dirty Martini I thought that you too should have the right to become a stunning and sexy cocktail as your fuchsia robe. Following this recipe, you can make a delicious cocktail with a fresh, light and sweet flavor. Perfect to be enjoyed on a sunny day!

Recipe. FOR 1 GLASS

45 ml (1.5 fl oz) Don Julio tequila + 30 ml (1 fl oz) cranberry juice + 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) lemon juice + 10 ml (0.33 fl oz) Porto + 10 ml (0.33 fl oz) sponge cake syrup + 2.5 ml (0.85 fl oz) St. German + ginger beer to top+ ice.

Pour all ingredients except ginger beer in a Boston shaker. Shake. Pour into a tumbler glass and top with ginger beer.

Credits cocktail: Flavio Angiolillo/Mag Cafè

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